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Our highly skilled and experienced lecturers will guide you through the fascinating world of diamonds, gemstones, jewellery designing and retail sales.

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Certified Diamond Grader - Online Module

3 weeks (2 weeks online + 1 week on campus)
English , Dutch , French , Mandarin , Hindi , Italian , Arabic , Spanish , Greek

The HRD Antwerp ‘Certified Diamond Grader Diploma – Online Module’ is a combination of two modules: online theory (two weeks) and on campus practice session (five days).

Study the critical quality and valuation factors of diamonds namely the 4Cs: Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut, under the guidance of our internationally qualified and experienced instructors.


With the perfect balance between theoretical knowledge and practical sessions, you can attend these two modules separately.


Student must successfully complete and pass the required examinations of both modules (online and practice week) to earn the prestigious diploma, all within six months. 

Visit the below mentioned link for the Diamond Practice Week schedule

Certified Diamond Grader - Online Module


3 weeks (2 weeks online + 1 week on campus)


Minimum age: 18 years

No previous experience required.

Number of attendants


Target Group

HRD Antwerp Alumni, any other institute alumni, gemmologists, students, retailers, manufacturers, professionals, consultants, customs, customers, buyer and sellers of jewellery/ diamonds, designer, marketing, Diamond traders, diamond experts, appraisers and graders, diamond and jewellery lovers, sales managers, and job seekers.

Course Content

Online Live Theory Module: refer to the page link

Diamond Characteristics:

  • Physical, Chemical and Optical 

Theoretical Sessions:

  • Grading techniques
  • Understand the 4Cs of a diamond
  • Colour Grading methodology
  • Fluorescence Grading methodology
  • Clarity Grading Methodology
  • Cut Grading Methodology
  • Carat Weight: Using the weighing scale and formulas for weight estimation
  • Lab Grown Diamond
  • Growth processes, understanding the market trends
  • Treatments
  • Simulants

1 theoretical multichoice questions final examination

Certificate of Completion awarded – 'HRD Antwerp Certified Diamond Grader Theory'

On Campus Practice Session Module (Diamond Grading Practice Week):

For schedule, click on the following link:

  • Grading Method and the 4Cs
  • Colour Grading: with master stones
  • Fluorescence Grading: with UV lamp
  • Clarity Grading: microscope + 10x loupe
  • Cut Grading: microscope + 10x loupe
  • Carat Weight: weighing scale, gauge using formulas for estimated weight
  • Lab Grown Diamond: with microscope, 10x loupe, UV lamp (LW and SW)
  • Diamond Treatments: with microscope, 10x loupe
  • Diamond Simulants: with microscope, 10x loupe
1 Practical Examination of 6 stones

Certificate of Completion awarded – 'HRD Antwerp Diamond Practice Week'


Theoretical examination CDG: Multiple choice exam with 40 questions.
Practical Examination - Diamond Practice Week: Students have to examine and grade 6 diamonds


Diploma: HRD Antwerp Certified Diamond Grader
Date(s) Location Language Price Excl. Price Incl. Course Code
04/11/2024 - 15/11/2024 Online English € 650,00 € 786,50 CDGOLE1502404 More Info Register


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