Following the request of our Chinese alumni, we have developed a unique QR code system which from now on allows our alumni to consult their diploma information online.

Last Friday, the first QR code registered diplomas were printed and awarded to the graduating students of two different HRD Antwerp courses.

It’s an uncomplicated yet very effective system to digitally store diploma information. Every diploma will have a unique QR code. This code can either be scanned with a QR code reader on a smartphone, or can be searched for online: Either way, all the relevant diploma information will be visible.

This system can be useful in various ways, like for example:

- for us: easier tracking of diploma information in case of loss or damage to a diploma and a duplicate is requested.

- for you: you can send the URL and diploma code to possible future employers if requested, instead of sending your original printed diploma.

We firmly believe that this system will increase the positive perception towards HRD Antwerp diplomas and create a greater sense of trust among alumni, employers, contacts within the sector, ...

We aim to introduce this system for our worldwide diplomas by the end of October 2018.